Affordable Drug Rehab Program

With the current economy, having access to an affordable drug rehab program can be the difference between an individual who gets the help they so desperately need and an individual who is forced to deal with his or her addiction in less effective, and sometimes, more dangerous ways.

At Mountainside’s drug and alcohol rehab in Connecticut, we take pride in offering affordable drug rehab treatment programs so our clients can get the treatment they need without it costing them their entire life’s savings.

Mountainside Can Help Paying For Rehab

Affordable Drug Rehab Treatment With Flexible Payment Options

Financial struggle is a common trigger for many people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Many people turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of avoiding the harsh reality of their financial situations, but the truth is these substances are never the solution. In fact, they actually increase the individual’s financial problems.

Mountainside appreciates the fact that finances can play a large role in a client’s struggle with addiction, so we make it a goal to offer a range of flexible payment options for our affordable drug rehab treatment. At Mountainside:

• We accept all major credit cards
• We accept third part payments
• We offer special financing for those who need it
• We work with most health insurance providers

Affordable Holistic Drug Rehab In CT

Get the High Quality, Affordable Rehab You Need at Mountainside

We know how important your recovery is to not only you but to your family as well, but we also know that the costs associated with rehab can often be a deciding factor in why so many people who desperately need treatment refuse to get the help they need. With Mountainside’s affordable drug rehab program and flexible payment options, treatment is finally within your reach.

Call Mountainside today at 860-824-1397 and speak confidentially with one of our qualified admissions representatives. They can help you determine your best payment options and help you prepare for admission. Affordable drug rehab programs do exist – call Mountainside now!

We can help.