PTSD and Addiction

PTSD and Addiction

For some people who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), self-medicating with drugs or alcohol seems like the best way to cope with their physical and emotional pain. However, their mental vulnerability can lead to addiction, which will require treatment of the original diagnosis of PTSD in conjunction with treatment for the drug or alcohol … Continued

Medical Marijuana

Is Medical Marijuana An Effective Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

  Welcome to the first-ever video in our new expert series Mountainside Insights. In this video, our Medical Director, Dr. Randall Dwenger, explores the debate around medical marijuana as a treatment for opioid addiction. Does he believe medical marijuana can be a pathway to recovery? Find out below!”   TRANSCRIPT I’m not an advocate for … Continued

Addicted Moms

Addicted Moms: Hitting Closer to Home Than You Realize

For many women, the stress of motherhood can take its toll. Trying to keep up with the needs of their children ­­– in addition to the needs of a household, career, or spouse – has caused many busy mothers to resort to relying on “helpers.” These “helpers,” as they are referred to, are most commonly … Continued

How to Succeed In College After Adderall Treatment

How to Succeed In College After Adderall Treatment

Returning to college after winter break can be tough for most students. Trying to get back into the mindset of meeting assignment deadlines and studying for exams can seem less than appealing when you have just finished enjoying the holiday season. But for students who decided to seek treatment for their Adderall problem — a … Continued

Facing Addiction in America

What the New Surgeon General Report Means for Addiction

In the wake of what many are calling the last significant act as President Barack Obama’s Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy recently released a landmark report on alcohol, drugs, and health to serve as a guide to a national addiction recovery effort. The report places emphasis on a major cultural shift needed in the way … Continued