6 Natural Ways to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

About 50 percent of people suffering from substance abuse relapse after completing treatment. Often, this is due to the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms they experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these symptoms and the risk of relapse.  

Addicted Babies

Every year, roughly 10,000 babies are born addicted to painkillers. Their first days of life are excruciating ─ consisting of stiff limbs, tremors, extreme diarrhea, fever, irritability, and excessive crying. They are often separated from their mothers and taken to neonatal intensive care units, where they receive small doses of morphine to treat their opioid … Continued

How can you tell if you have an addiction?

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize when you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. In this short video, Amy Sedgwick, Director of Clinical Operations at Mountainside Treatment Center, discusses some warning signs of addiction.

Narcan: Saving Lives or Enabling Addiction?

People are overdosing in the streets, at the mall, at home in front of their children. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. Every race, every socioeconomic class, and every region has been affected by the opioid epidemic. With 33,000 deaths attributed to opioid overdoses in 2015 alone, everyone is looking for a solution. Many believe … Continued