Study Links Regular Alcohol Consumption to Skin Cancer

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol on a regular basis can be dangerous to your health, but you can now add yet another risk to that list ─ skin cancer. A new study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, reveals that for every 0.35 ounces of alcohol intake per day (the amount found in … Continued

Drinking to Get Drunk

“Alcohol, low standards, and poor decisions” reads a sign outside a dive bar two blocks away from New York University. Groups of twenty-somethings eagerly walk in with one mission in mind: to get drunk. It is no surprise that college students drink alcohol; after all, red solo cups and keg stands are staples in American … Continued

5 Ways to Say No Relapse Without Saying No to Fun

Spring is here! As we come out of hibernation and trade binge-watching Netflix in our sweatpants for soaking up the sun with friends, we realize that warmer weather comes with some challenges. For many, spring and summer are synonymous with drinking. Outdoor parties, music festivals, barbecues, vacations … they often all include alcohol. And if … Continued

Study: Binge Drinking Could Be Harmful to Your Baby – Even Before You’re Pregnant

We all know that drinking during pregnancy is harmful, and even potentially deadly for the fetus, but a recent study has found that heavy drinking even before conception could impact the health of future children. The study, which was conducted by the National Institutes of Health, claims that women who have a history of binge … Continued