5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety

When you become sober, there is no shortage of opinions on how you can strengthen your recovery. Therapists, family, friends, sponsors – everyone has their own idea of what will work for you. Here is some of the best advice Robbie Dexheimer of Foundation House received. The solutions he discovered still hold true today, and … Continued

8 Signs of Alcoholism

8 Signs of Alcoholism You Should Know

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, a staggering 2.5 million people die worldwide each year under alcohol related circumstances, and there are approximately 23 million Americans suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependency. No matter whether people are coping with their alcohol addiction in private or in plain sight, alcoholism is all … Continued

Is Going Cold Turkey Safe for an Alcoholic

Is “Going Cold Turkey” Safe for an Alcoholic?

Alcohol is the most widely used addictive substance in the U.S., with 17.6 million people suffering from alcohol misuse or dependency. Alcoholism has also become the third leading lifestyle related cause of death, resulting in 88,000 fatalities a year. When a person is grappling with alcoholism, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to function. Ultimately, … Continued

teen drinking

The Dangers of Underage Drinking

Cost of Excessive Drinking in the US

Excessive Drinking Costs in the U.S.