Why You Also Matter in Your Loved One’s Recovery

In case of emergency, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. This is true when it comes to airplanes, and it is true when it comes to dealing with addiction. You might think it sounds selfish to think about yourself while your loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, but … Continued

10 Things To Expect From a Nar-Anon Meeting

The Nar-Anon Family Group is a long standing worldwide fellowship that supports those affected by someone’s addiction. Its goal is to help family members understand that they cannot control the addicted person or their addiction. It focuses on helping family members practice self-care and realize the importance of their own well-being However, in the face … Continued

How the Pressure to Succeed Is Putting America’s Youth at Risk

Every parent wants their child have a better life than they did, to achieve what they could not, to become someone great. While these expectations of success come from a place of love, they can sometimes result in parents putting too much pressure on their children. That pressure, in turn, can produce long-term psychological damage. … Continued

What Roles Are You Playing in Your Loved One’s Addiction?

Addiction is a disease that affects an individual’s health, personality, and appearance. But this disease does not just affect the individual suffering from the addiction; it also drastically changes family dynamics. When a loved one suffers from substance abuse, family members deal with it in their own way and subconsciously begin to take on different … Continued