Leandro Carlvaho

An Interview with Fitness Superstar Leandro Carlvaho on Wellness

  Fitness superstar Leandro Carvalho visited Mountainside treatment center in December 2016 to lead clients and staff in several energizing workout sessions as part of Mountainside’s First Annual Holiday Fitness Festival. Carvalho is an expert in his field, and he was generous in sharing his fitness know-how with the Mountainside community. Our commitment to wellness is evident in … Continued

Calm Down When Feeling Anxious

5 Ways to Calm Down When Feeling Anxious

An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, maybe even you. Ranging from mild to severe, anxiety disorders can disrupt both personal and professional aspects of your life. When you’re anxious, negative and sometimes irrational thoughts cause you to withdraw from the support system so vital to your recovery. Luckily, anxiety disorders are highly … Continued

How Important Is Sleep for Your Recovery?


Maintaining a balanced diet and keeping active are the highly emphasized aspects of addiction recovery that help keep you on the right track. However, making sure you get enough sleep every night is just as important to your health and to the prevention of any potential relapse. DANGERS OF LACK OF QUALITY SLEEP Research has … Continued



Everyone knows how hard it can be to maintain a healthy diet, especially if you keep an active lifestyle filled with a demanding work schedule, spending time out with friends, and engaging in classes or activities to help with your recovery. As difficult as it may be now to maintain, it is not impossible. Here … Continued

Should You Really Drop Sugar From Your Diet?

Should you really drop sugar from your diet?

Before you began your recovery, you may have used drugs or alcohol to medicate your feelings. Now that you’re sober, have you been self-medicating with sugar? And if so, is it really all that bad for you? It depends. Sugar is everywhere: a cookie here, a doughnut there, a teaspoon or two or three in … Continued