Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Healthy recovery begins by developing a relationship with one’s self while remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Through the process of self-discovery in sobriety, there will come the acceptance of a new personal identity, which will lend itself to taking inventory of one’s past behaviors and resentments, and open the door to forgiveness, change, and … Continued

Whitney Balliet

Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Talking About Your Recovery on the Job

In this video, clinician Whitney Balliet offers advice on individuals sharing their recovery status with their employers.

The Power of Friendfluence

The Power of Friendfluence

“If Johnny jumps off a cliff, are you going to jump off of one too?” You can substitute your friend’s name in place of Johnny, but you probably remember hearing that question when you were a kid. The admonishment boiled down to this: just because your friend does something stupid, it doesn’t mean you should … Continued


BIGVISION, Big Sober Fun

By Alejandra Hamel After completing my first stint in rehab a year ago, I came to a BIGVISION event for the first time. I was really nervous walking into an event where a lot of people already knew each other. Many already felt more comfortable socializing sober and didn’t feel like newbies in the recovery … Continued

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You Ask & We Answer

Q. Over the summer I went to the outpatient program to help with an alcohol problem I was having. It went well, and I feel like I am in a really great place now. I have since gone back to work as an elementary teacher, and no one knows about me getting help for my … Continued