Relapse Myths

Relapse Myths: How You Can Protect and Strengthen Your Recovery

The risk of relapse is one of the biggest concerns for a person in early recovery. You have probably heard many stories of relapse and may even know of individuals who have unfortunately experienced a relapse. This could have made you feel afraid about possibly relapsing yourself. But no matter what stage of recovery you … Continued

What to do If Your Sponsor Relapses

What to do If Your Sponsor Relapses?

Everyone knows that in recovery it is important to make sure that you have a sponsor to help you on your early road of recovery. They can quickly become your confidante as they share with you their personal experiences with living a life of sobriety. They even act as coaches who will keep you motivated … Continued

Relapse Warning Signs

Relapse – Phases and Warning Signs

The Phases and Warning Signs of Relaps