Study Finds Substance Abuse Significantly Increases Suicide Risk Among Veterans

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan and the Department of Veteran Affairs has found that veterans with substance abuse problems are more likely to commit suicide than veterans who are not suffering from an addiction. The study, which was recently published in the journal Addiction, involved 4.4 million veterans and was conducted … Continued

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The Dangers of Underage Drinking

Is Instagram a Gateway to Drugs?

Is Instagram a Gateway to drugs?

Amidst the hordes of carefully posed selfies and the countless stunning pictures of exotic destinations, Instagram has now become the home to numerous drug dealers who are using the social media platform, most common among youth, as their online shop. Showcasing pictures of piles of cocaine, cups of “lean” or Codeine syrup, and their most … Continued

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Chronic User of Heroin

Heroin will reduce chronic users’ lives by more than half (52%) of normal life expectancy. The normal dosage of three injections a day will cost an addicted person 68.4 hours of their life. Addiction treatment saves lives.

Alcohol Poisoning Stats

Alcohol Poisoning Deaths

Contrary to popular belief, the largest group of people dying from alcohol poisoning is not young adults in their late teens and early twenties. It’s middle aged adults – mostly men –  according to a new study by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Roughly 76 percent of all alcohol poisoning deaths are among … Continued