The Power of EMDR

“What is that? It looks like it’s from Star Trek or something. Are you brainwashing people?” “I don’t buy it. So I’m just going to sit here and stare at some lights and be cured?” These are just a couple of the responses I get when I first explain Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) … Continued

How does meditation help an individual achieve & maintain sobriety?

Holistic therapies are great complementary tools to traditional addiction treatment. In this short video, Mark Gerow, Wellness Program Senior Coordinator at Mountainside, discusses the many benefits of meditation in addiction treatment and recovery.

Study Says: Acupuncture Is a Safe Alternative for Painkillers

Data shows that 80 percent of heroin users started with prescription medications given to treat an injury or post-surgery pain. And as the opioid epidemic rages on, medical professionals are looking for painkiller alternatives. According to a study recently published by the Medical Journal of Australia, acupuncture could be the answer they have been searching … Continued

The Stress Loop

By: Tom Lorio, LCSW Several years ago, a well-respected doctor came to my office distressed about his subway ride to work. He found himself enraged by the NYC Subway system ─ the delays, the rude passengers, the unpredictability of service. While public transportation unleashes a specific fury in many people, he was concerned because the … Continued