How Do You Incorporate Meditation into Your Daily Life?

Introducing meditation into your life can not only reduce your stress and anxiety levels, but it can also help strengthen your sobriety. In this short video, Mark Gerow, Wellness Program Senior Coordinator at Mountainside, shares tips on how to seamlessly incorporate meditation into your daily routine.  

Ways to Manage Chronic Pain as a Sober Person

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and if you are one of them, you know the profound effect it can have on someone’s daily life. Not only does being in a constant state of pain cause many individuals to become irritable and frustrated but it can also negatively impact their physical and mental … Continued

Love and Recovery: What You Should Know When Looking for a Relationship

As you continue to rebuild your life clean and sober, you may now have the desire to look for a partner who can be a part of your support system and become an added benefit to your new life. However, the idea of now trying to search for a potential partner may seem daunting or … Continued

6 Natural Ways to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

About 50 percent of people suffering from substance abuse relapse after completing treatment. Often, this is due to the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms they experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these symptoms and the risk of relapse.  

The Art of Happiness

The first time I saw the “100 Happy Days” challenge on Facebook, I thought: “Surely, I have time for happiness. I mean, what better thing is there to have time for in life than happiness?” Before three months were up, I lost track of completing this challenge . Why was this challenge so hard to … Continued