6 Natural Ways to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms

About 50 percent of people suffering from substance abuse relapse after completing treatment. Often, this is due to the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms they experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these symptoms and the risk of relapse.  

The Art of Happiness

The first time I saw the “100 Happy Days” challenge on Facebook, I thought: “Surely, I have time for happiness. I mean, what better thing is there to have time for in life than happiness?” Before three months were up, I lost track of completing this challenge . Why was this challenge so hard to … Continued

Creating Healthy Boundaries

by Bruce Dechert, Senior Clinician, Family Wellness Early recovery can be a very exciting and scary time for many. It is also a very difficult time for family members who struggle with trust, fear, building relationships, and self-care. I believe it is important to understand healthy boundaries and be able to communicate these with family … Continued

Holistic Healing: Experiencing the Adventure of Change

By: Sheree Surdam, Wellness Program Manager at Mountainside When most people hear the phrase “I’m in counseling”, the last thing they likely picture is the person dressed like a lineman, outfitted with helmet and harness and about to climb a high ropes challenge course. Or dressed in layers of clothing, donning a headlamp and preparing … Continued

Traveling While Sober: What You Need to Know

With the summer season in full swing, taking a vacation is a high priority for most people. However, for those in addiction recovery, organizing the perfect getaway can prove to be a challenge. There are extra steps to take in order to avoid activities not conducive to recovery, or worse, activities that risk relapse. There … Continued