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Q. I have been in recovery for almost three years now and have recently started dating this amazing guy. We have been together for six months, and I still haven’t told him that I am in recovery for a drug and alcohol problem I had. He knows I don’t drink because I told him that … Continued

Somatic Writing – Writing from the Heart

By Sheree Surdam, Wellness Program Manager Everyone has a story to tell – whether it’s a detailed account of one’s life experience through memoir, an adventurous trip across landscapes of time through a fictional novel, or the tender capturing of a brief (yet inspiring) moment in a poem. It’s there inside of all of us, … Continued

Keep Calm and Embrace Mother Nature

By Amy Sedgwick, Director of Outpatient Services We are anticipating the first big snow storm of 2017 here on the East Coast. Storms can be extremely stressful, and for those in recovery, storms can pose as a trigger or even risk to recovery. Closed roads, schools, and workplaces can disrupt our daily schedules – including … Continued

How Repealing the Affordable Care Act Could Affect the Opioid Crisis

As efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act move forward, there have been questions about how the repeal would affect the opioid epidemic currently throwing the nation into crisis. In The Huffington Post, Michael Botticelli, former director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, argued that the repeal would damage any progress … Continued

How to Wake Up Like a Champ

We spend a lot of time sleeping – according to Scientific American, one-third of our lives are spent unconscious – and that means we also do a lot of waking up. For some of us, waking up involves hitting the snooze button several times before we eventually drag ourselves out of bed. Some of us … Continued