Comprehensive Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment is a complex specialty. Unlike other medical conditions that can be successfully treated using specific medications and/or procedures, addiction is comprised of so many different variables that using a single treatment method to treat every client is impossible.

From the wide array of addictive substances to the vast underlying reasons for the addiction, each case of addiction is unique. As such, each client needs to be evaluated on an independent basis and a custom drug rehabilitation program created to suit their needs and their needs alone.

How are Mountainside’s Drug Rehabilitation Programs Created?

The first step in Mountainside’s drug addiction treatment process is the pre-admission screening. During this progression, our admissions team will conduct a quick but thorough question and answer session with you or your loved one to determine if the criteria for admission are met. Once your addiction diagnosis is confirmed and you are admitted into the Mountainside drug rehab facility, our licensed and credentialed clinical team will work collaboratively to create a highly specialized drug addiction treatment program based solely on your recovery needs.

Unlike most other rehabs, Mountainside uses a nationally-recognized multi-disciplinary approach to addiction treatment. We combine traditional therapeutic counseling, gender-specific counseling, family wellness programs, relapse prevention education, and other evidence-based treatment methods with innovative mind, body, and spirit holistic treatment programs. The result is a drug rehabilitation program that offers a more complete recovery experience, higher success rates, and longer lasting results.

Drug Addiction Treatment That Adjusts With Your Needs

During your time at Mountainside, your treatment needs are going to change as you progress toward recovery. In order to provide a true comprehensive treatment experience that will provide our clients with the very best treatment possible, our experienced clinicians continually adjust the treatment programs to better meet the needs, and the tastes and preferences, of each client.

Get Comprehensive Drug Addiction Treatment From a Leader in the Field

Mountainside is one of the most innovative addiction treatment centers in the United States. We were one of the first rehab centers to implement holistic treatment programs into our evidence-based clinical treatments. We are also one of the first to offer customized wellness plans for the most targeted curriculum of care.

If you or your loved one needs drug addiction treatment, Mountainside’s comprehensive drug rehabilitation program can help. Start on your road to recovery by calling us right now at 800.762.5433. Our Admissions Representatives are always here and they’re ready to help you any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.