Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services and Treatment in CT

There are very few things more devastating to one’s life or a family’s well being than drug addiction and/or alcoholism. These illnesses can cause severe mental and physical anguish for both the sufferer and everyone around them, especially when the illnesses are left untreated. Only by entering a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center can someone suffering from one or both of these illnesses hope to regain control over his or her life.

Mountainside is a Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The Difference Between a Drug Rehab and an Alcohol Rehab Center

All drug rehabs and alcohol rehab centers share the same goals – to help the client overcome their addictions so they can live a life free from the oppression of drugs or alcohol. But while drug addiction and alcoholism are two different illnesses, it is not uncommon for many rehab centers to offer wellness plans for each of them.

Both drug addiction and alcoholism are very complex illnesses and because of this, treatment needs to be carefully managed by experienced clinicians and other addiction professionals. Because every individual who is suffering from one or both of these illnesses has a distinctive set of needs, an individualized curriculum of care is the only way to successfully administer treatment.

But as similar as these two illnesses are, there are certain challenges with drug addiction that are not evident in cases of alcoholism. Likewise, there are treatment concerns with alcoholism that don’t apply to drug addiction. Simply put, a drug rehab center should never use a rehabilitation plan designed for alcoholism to treat someone suffering from drug addiction and vice-versa. In the event that the client is suffering from both drug addiction and alcoholism, then a highly specialized program that targets the two conditions, independently and concurrently, should be created expressly for that client.
Holistic Principals and Practices

Mountainside Offers Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services

Mountainside’s addiction wellness plans are based on an Integrative Care Model (ICM) in which our multi-disciplinary treatment team creates a client’s course of care according to the unique needs and interests of the individual client. Depending on whether the client is seeking treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism, or both illnesses, our addiction treatment professionals will devise a treatment strategy that embraces both clinical treatment methodologies and specialized holistic programs for an overall curriculum of care that works on multiple levels, specifically the mind, body, and spirit.

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment from a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab center, Mountainside can help. We have highly trained clinicians who specialize in each of these illnesses and our holistic approach to recover treatment can help you get the long-lasting results you need. Call us today at 860-824-1397 for quick and easy admissions pre-screening. Our Admissions Representatives are available any time to take your call, so don’t delay – call now!