Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Connecticut

Raising the Standard in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Having helped thousands of individuals suffering with drug addiction and alcoholism, Mountainside is the primary comprehensive, innovative addiction rehabilitation treatment center in the Northeast. Our mission is to raise the standard in comprehensive drug and alcoholism addiction treatment in order to provide an unsurpassed rehabilitation experience for our clients. Located at the base of a private mountain in the foothills of the Berkshires of Connecticut, Mountainside provides an ideal environment for our clients to receive the individualized care necessary to embark on their journey and to progress along the road to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Innovative Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program

What sets Mountainside apart from other drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation centers is our innovative approach to treatment – we are pioneers in our field. We are leaders in effectively utilizing evidence-based methods, while successfully integrating them with the newest and best cutting-edge, holistic approaches. As an innovator in the drug rehab and alcoholism rehabilitation field Mountainside’s extensive therapeutic and holistic program enables our clients to carve their own path and trigger the motivation needed to engage in their recovery. We work with each client to create an individualized drug and alcoholism rehabilitation plan, according to personal needs and preferences, which has naturally resulted in a high engagement rate.

Our multifaceted program is a harmonious fusion of an established core addiction rehab curriculum merged with a diverse array of new, holistic drug addiction and alcoholism treatment offerings. Because of our unique treatment program, we have won national acclaim and accolades for the effectiveness of our therapeutic offerings. Please refer to our Treatment Offerings page for additional information.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Integrative Care Model

Just as no two individuals are 100% alike, no wellness plan should be. We have an Integrative Care Model (ICM) approach to drug rehabilitation and alcoholism rehab treatments in which we provide a comprehensive set of treatment and care offerings coordinated by a multidisciplinary treatment team to best fit the unique needs and interest of each client. Under the insightful guidance of our team of addiction professionals, we provide a vast range of treatments from clinical therapies to our specialized, holistic programs. Our exclusive programs include Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) which encompasses hiking, a high and low ropes course, and a sweat lodge, and our Mind-Body-Spirit (MBS) insight program which offers Yoga, Qi gong, and acupuncture as means to aid in a healthful recovery. We personalize each drug addiction and alcoholism wellness plan to closely align with the individual needs and characteristics of each client. Having pioneered this innovative approach in the 90’s, Mountainside has paved the way for an effective new approach and standard of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation centers nationwide. As a result, there is a dramatic increased rate of continued success and sobriety among our clients because they are enthusiastically and positively engaged while undergoing treatment at our drug and alcoholism rehab center.


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Dedicated and Professional Staff

Mountainside’s innovative approach to drug addiction treatment and alcoholism rehabilitation is effectively implemented by our multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialize in addiction treatment. Our widely acclaimed and highly esteemed team of licensed and certified counselors work collaboratively with our clinical director, psychiatrist, and nurse practitioner to ensure that our clients experience the best care, treatment, and rehabilitation available. With respect and compassion, they guide each client through a thorough diagnosis, individualized addiction treatment, and aftercare. Our team receives high praise for effectively communicating and partnering well with clients, client families, and our client’s physicians and healthcare professionals. Please refer to our Treatment Team page for additional information.

An Affordable Solution

We provide comprehensive, individualized care that is affordable to our clients, so that individuals suffering with alcoholism or drug addiction can focus on what’s most important: recovery. At Mountainside Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center, we will help you find the best financial solutions and will act as client advocates to maximize resources for treatment. We work with most insurance companies, accept credit cards and third party payments, and will provide help in seeking financial assistance. Give us a call today at 860-824-1397 or utilize our “Chat with Us” online feature to speak with an admissions professional.

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