Mountainside Treatment Center Press Releases - Page 2

How to Tell If Your Friend Abuses Alcohol

Clinician Whitney Balliett and Kim Cognato, Outpatient Program Manager at our Wilton facility, shared with Teen Vogue readers ways to tell if their friends are abusing alcohol. Read here.

9 Subtle Signs Someone Might Have A Substance Abuse Problem

Kim Cognato, Outpatient Program Manager at our Wilton facility, and Whitney Balliett, a clinician at our Canaan campus, were featured in a Bustle article that helps readers identify subtle clues indicating a substance abuse problem. Read here.

How a Non-Religious Journalist Makes a Case for AA in 2017

Our Director of Detox Clinical and Expanded Recovery Services Dennis Bates explains the continued value of Alcoholics Anonymous in this article. Read here.

Drunk Texting This Number Can Prevent Suicide

Family Wellness Manager Tina Muller talks to Teen Vogue about how anonymous crisis support lines geared towards teens can save lives, especially in light of the stigma attached to mental health and addiction issues. Read here.

You’re in Recovery and Your Significant Other Drinks. 3 Tips for Staying Sober

Dr. Shanthi Mogali, our Director of Psychiatry speaks with U.S. News & World Report about how a person in recovery could put their sobriety at risk by remaining with a partner who continues to partake in alcohol or drug misuse. Read here.