Extended Care Drug Rehab and Long Term Rehabilitation

Long Term Residential Treatment

Community Living

Clients live together in a supervised sober house that is within walking distance of Mountainside’s 24/7 recovery care and support. This enables clients to: 

  • Create a strong network of supporters who share common goals
  • Gain greater self-sufficiency
  • Experience fun without drugs or alcohol through regularly scheduled sober activities, including kayaking, go-kart racing, hiking, and more.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Outpatient Services

Clients receive outpatient substance-abuse treatment from our compassionate team of drug abuse and alcoholism rehabilitation specialists. Clients learn how to:

  • Overcome everyday challenges
  • Work toward long-term recovery goals
  • Transition to life outside an addiction treatment center

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Long Term Treatment Centers

Work Program

Clients work part-time at Mountainside-affiliated facilities, interacting with the local community in a real-world setting while remaining in a safe and sober environment. It provides opportunities to:

  • Practice accountability, communication, and time and money management
  • Re-enter work or school armed with new skills that are honed daily or learned through educational and skill-building workshops