Recovery Monitoring Solutions and Skills
Transition Assistance

Transitioning to real-world conditions after completing an addiction treatment program recovery can be stressful. The specialist is directly involved in assisting with anything that will help smooth the client’s transition: opening a bank account, securing housing, finding needed services and healthcare providers, and more.

Building a Recovery Network

The specialist regularly discusses the client’s progress with the client’s support network: family, therapists, legal professionals, and others. Gathering perspectives from all parties provides the specialist with valuable insights to help a client stay on track. Signs of relapse behaviors are more likely to be detected early and corrective measures can be implemented quickly.

Added Active Support

The specialist works closely with each client to identify short and long-term goals and assists in developing a meaningful action plan to achieve them. Neither a clinician nor a family member, the Wellness and Recovery Specialist acts as a specially trained confidante and aid, offering an additional and vital pillar of support.