Over the last two decades we have done just that, and in the process, we have become one of the leading holistic addiction treatment centers in the nation. We owe our success to our employees’ commitment to service, the support of the community, and most importantly, the strength of our clients.

We are incredibly proud of our growth and the change we have inspired in the industry, but what excites us most is what lies ahead. We look forward to being able to change the lives of even more individuals and empowering them to start their journey to recovery.

Milestones Through the Years

  • 13,000 lives changed
  • 250 team members employed
  • 33 clinical treatments added
  • 24 wellness offerings implemented
  • 7 treatment programs offered
  • 3 new locations opened
  • 1,170,000 dining hall meals prepared
  • 52,000 warrior poses practiced
  • 27,300 climbs to the top of the mountain
  • 78,000 acupuncture sessions completed
  • 120 maple trees tapped for syrup
  • 5 major snow storms braved