Mountainside Expands Continuum of Care

Mountainside treatment center today announced completion on a series of growth initiatives, which aim to make it a destination for a full continuum of alcohol and drug abuse treatment and care. Among the initiatives are a heavy investment in improvements to and new construction on its facilities; the debut of Mountainside Detox; and significant additions to staff, including the establishment of a medical team.

“Over many years, Mountainside has fundamentally transformed addiction treatment with its Integrative Care Model and an authentic, comprehensive approach to client care. Our innovative continuum of care now includes a detox process that disrupts the industry standard by combining medical best practices with holistic therapies in an atmosphere of compassion and comfort,” said a Mountainside spokesperson. “We never lose sight of the human beings on the other side of our treatment efforts. They are the driving force behind our commitment to growth and our vision for the future of addiction treatment.”

Key updates to the development of Mountainside’s continuum of care include:

  • Facilities Improvements and New Construction: Mountainside has invested more than $15 million in environmentally responsible new construction to allow for the expansion of its family wellness and outpatient facilities and to establish a detox center — all housed in a 46,000-square-foot building. In addition to providing much needed program and additional leisure spaces, our new state-of-the-art wellness and treatment facilities will offer serene environments to further help our clients concentrate on healing.
  • Mountainside Detox: Offering a medically monitored detox process, the new program employs a synergistic combination of pharmacological and holistic treatments to provide customized detoxification for each client. Mountainside Detox offers 24-hour nursing care, psychiatric services, and personalized treatment plans that will include different taper options, depending on individual needs, and complementary therapies like yoga and acupuncture to help decrease withdrawal symptoms.
  • Staff Additions: Mountainside’s dedicated treatment team has been vital to providing innovative quality care and ensuring that client needs are met. As the continuum of care expands, Mountainside has actively grown its treatment staff, including the establishment of a new medical team, led by Medical Director Dr. Randall Dwenger. A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Dwenger provides guidance and leadership over Mountainside Detox. He is joined by Registered Nurse Joy Castro, BSN, who oversees daily operations of the detox center and guides a staff of registered nurses in the safe and efficient delivery of care and services.

“The DNA of Mountainside is innovation and compassion,” said a Mountainside spokesperson. “Now, clients can access our continuum of care at various independent stages of recovery or take advantage of our full sequential path to well-being. With our new facilities, we can provide a more comprehensive array of programs and amenities to clients and meet the growing need for addiction treatment in Connecticut and surrounding areas. ”


About Dr. Randall Dwenger

Mountainside Detox’s Medical Director, Dr. Randall Dwenger, is a board-certified psychiatrist. He received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and psychology from DePauw University and a medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine. Throughout his 30-year career, Randall has worked with clients of all ages and diagnoses, building extensive knowledge in psychiatric evaluation, medication management and individual psychotherapy services. Since 2008, he has been the Consulting Psychiatrist at Mountainside treatment center, providing psychiatric evaluation services to ensure our clients receive the most appropriate plan of treatment to meet their individual needs. Randall believes that there is great hope that each person who wants to recover has the ability to do so. “My approach is to listen closely to each client I evaluate and try to help him understand the barriers he faces in achieving sobriety and then taking those next positive steps on his life's trajectory,” said Randall. He provides guidance and leadership over the detoxification program, ensuring that our quality services and practices are provided to our clients.

About Joy Castro, BN, RN

Joy Castro is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of the Philippines at Manila, and she is currently a Master's candidate in business administration at the University of New Haven. As the Director of Nursing, Joy is responsible for the daily operations of our detoxification program, Mountainside Detox, where she leads a team of compassionate professionals who are committed to providing clients with 'Best in Class' service. Joy has developed a passion for assisting people with drug addictions and behavioral issues over the course of her 18-year nursing career. Her past experience as a director of nursing and a behavioral health manager has given Joy a broad depth of knowledge in a wide range of clinical nursing services in the fields of adult psychiatry, mental health, and addictions. She is skilled in: collaborating with clients and the Mountainside Detox treatment team to ensure the dynamic delivery of care and services; evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of treatment plans, team goals and targets; and providing clinical nursing services in an environment specific to drug and alcohol detoxification.

Mountainside Treatment Center

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