Women and Trauma: A Pathway to Addiction

Trauma can come from many places. While typically associated with sexual assaults or war, trauma can arise from many types of incidents. Things like being in or witnessing a serious accident, bullying, natural disasters, and losing a loved one can all be classified as traumatic experiences. Some people might have even lived through a traumatic … Continued

Are You Struggling with Substance Abuse?

Many people will experiment with drugs in their lives. But how do you know when you’ve gone from experimentation to a full-blown addiction? The line can sometimes seem blurred, but we’ve collected some posts that will help you to understand if your drug use has turned into something more alarming. How Can You Tell If … Continued

A New App Is Teaching People How to Talk About Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Talking to a friend or loved one about their drinking can be a difficult conversation for some people to have. When is the right time to step in? What is the right thing to say? A new app is looking to make this conversation easier and more effective. Called “One Degree, Shift the Influence,” the … Continued

Moderate Drinking Has a Negative Effect on Memory, Study Says

It is widely accepted that long-term alcohol abuse can have negative impacts on memory and cognitive function (among other things). Many thought that moderate drinking would not have the same effects on memory, especially if the person didn’t blackout. A recent study, however, has shown that that might not be the case, claiming that even … Continued

Study Links Regular Alcohol Consumption to Skin Cancer

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol on a regular basis can be dangerous to your health, but you can now add yet another risk to that list ─ skin cancer. A new study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, reveals that for every 0.35 ounces of alcohol intake per day (the amount found in … Continued