What is Detox?

Detox could be the first step in your journey of recovery. Watch this short video to find out what you can expect from a detox program.  

How Can a Person Safely Detox from Painkiller Addiction?

Overcoming an addiction takes more than just setting one’s mind to it and having the desire to do so. Individuals who are battling painkiller addiction are trying to overcome a chronic disease that has affected their brain and left them dependent upon their drug of choice. Once they understand the process that their bodies need … Continued

From Humans of New York: Addiction as a Family Disease

Started in November 2010 by photographer Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York (HONY) is a photoblog and bestselling book featuring street portraits and interviews collected in New York City. With more than eight million followers on social media, HONY now provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York … Continued

Detoxing: Don’t Go It Alone

You’ve made the decision to end your drug or alcohol addiction — and you’re determined to start your recovery right away. You decide that detox is the first step for you, and you immediately do some research about the process and the many options available to you.  The sheer number of options may be overwhelming … Continued