Is Vaping Really Safer?

If you found out that your teen was vaping, you might feel some sort of relief that at least they aren’t smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or doing drugs. After all, vaping is safe, right? The idea of watching your teen vape is probably a lot less terrifying than imagining them rolling up a joint or … Continued

Do You Know Where Your Unused Prescriptions End Up?

More than four billion prescriptions are filled each year. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the unused prescription pills? Do they sit in the back of a medicine cabinet, collecting dust? Are they thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet? You are probably thinking, “Does it matter?” The answer is yes! … Continued

Drinking to Get Drunk

“Alcohol, low standards, and poor decisions” reads a sign outside a dive bar two blocks away from New York University. Groups of twenty-somethings eagerly walk in with one mission in mind: to get drunk. It is no surprise that college students drink alcohol; after all, red solo cups and keg stands are staples in American … Continued

Guide to Staying Sober in the New School Year

By: Amy Sedgwick, Director of Clinical Services As the lazy days of summer wind down, don’t let back-to-school excitement fool you or get the best of you.  Going back to school offers so many new exciting and fun opportunities, but it also offers challenges.  As you prepare to return to school and enter one grade … Continued