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Apps to Help Strengthen Your Recovery

December 31st, 2014
Apps to Help Strengthen Your Recovery

Since technology is part of every aspect of our lives these days, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few apps created especially for people in recovery.

Recovery begins when we leave treatment and it’s a lifelong series of ebbs and flows that require constant commitment. These apps are designed to help manage triggers and emotions, find a meeting, connect with a support network, etc. There are even apps to provide you with daily inspirations, track sober time, and more.

In this new series, we will be reviewing a few apps each month to give you our perspective. Every app is useful, some more than others; and since everyone is different, not every one of these may be right for you. These monthly reviews are to give you a bit more insight into what you can expect from these apps.

Coach.me – Instant Coaching – iPhone Free, Android Free

This is a fun app that can help with both motivation and accountability. Enter a goal in the app, and when you complete your goal successfully, the app throws you a celebration!

You don’t need to be in recovery to enjoy this app; this is one everyone can (and should) use. We all need to get into “healthy” routines. It keeps us focused on the positives, especially when stressors come into play. Often, we find ourselves forgetting to schedule time or worse, forgetting what it was we wanted to do. Coach.me helps you focus on the daily practice that goes into achieving your goals. If you are willing to do the work, this app will help you accomplish it. Coach.me claims to have over 200,000 different goals for you to choose from!

How’s it work?

To start, you come to the plan page. “What do you want to do?” What’s cool is: if you do not see a plan to fit your goal, you can add your own. Choosing one of the preset plans opens up to a subsection of goals to help you narrow down what it is you want to do. For example, if you choose to lose weight, you will be shown several diet options as well as exercise routines.

Once you find the option(s) you want to do, you click join and set yourself up for success.

Three types of coaching are available with this app: advice, motivation, and prompting.

Advice comes from the community of users and coaches. Everyone is available to answer your questions.

Motivation comes from celebrating every step of progress. The Lift community cheers you on and the app records your major milestones.

Prompting are messages sent to your phone. We’re all busy, so the app reminds you what needs to get done.

Once you set up your options your goals and coaching options you can get started immediately.

My Thoughts:

We STRONGLY recommend this app. From a recovery point of view, it will keep you motivated to stay on a healthy path. This app can be used by anyone which means friends and family can join you in your goals for added encouragement.

Afternoon Affirmations – iPhone, Free

Every day at 1 p.m. this app delivers a message of affirmation to your phone.

How’s it work? 

This app is very simple and straightforward in what it does. The images are beautiful and the message is always inspirational.

Once you sign up for the app, it will automatically send you a new message every day. The downside is the message is only viewable for 24 hours. After that, it is replaced with a new message. There is no way to go back and review past messages (something they need to work on). But for a quick pick me up, this app does the trick.

My Thoughts:

 A great app that is a “set it and forget it,” it’s something that can keep you inspired every day without having to do anything. As mentioned above, the only down side is not being able to reread a prior message or the ability to forward a message to someone else. But if you just want a quick pick me up, this app is just for you.

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