How Can You Help Your Teen in Addiction Recovery?

By Mountainside


When your teen is in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, your direct support is crucial to their long-term recovery. Support means helping and guiding your teen to make the changes needed to sustain their new, healthier lifestyle.

Clearly communicate house rules. A basic non-negotiable house rule should be the expectation that your teen stay completely abstinent from all substances.

Let your teen socialize. Encourage positive interactions with sober peers, being consistent with expected behavior, house rules, and staying connected with their friend’s parents and school.

Care for your teen and yourself. Invest in your own recovery by seeking out your own support through self-help groups, professional therapy, and education. At the same time, invest in your teen’s future by giving the teen the freedom to “own” their own choices and their own future.

Take it day by day. An important part of recovery is keeping the focus on the present, staying sober for today. It can be overwhelming to think of the “entire life.” Self-help groups, particularly groups for young people, and other adolescent support services can be helpful during all stages of recovery.

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