Dangers of Detoxing from Benzodiazepines Alone

Detox is the first step in recovering from addiction, but detoxing on your own can deadly. In this short video, John Hamilton, Chief Clinical Outreach Officer, discusses the dangers of detoxing from benzodiazepines alone.


It’s very difficult to come off of benzodiazepines. In fact, if you are currently on benzodiazepines, the last thing you should do is come off on your own without medical supervision because you could actually die of a seizure. Benzodiazepines and alcohol are two substances that you can come off of and actually die from, which is why they require a medically monitored and medically managed detox protocol to ensure safety. What’s interesting in most detoxification programs is it takes five days to come off alcohol, five days to come off opiates, but ten days in residential detoxification, or a hospital setting to come off of benzodiazepines safely because again, it is such a powerful medication.

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