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Macklemore Helps Obama Tackle Opioid Epidemic Awareness

Grammy award-winning rapper Macklemore and President Barack Obama teamed up last weekend to talk about the national opioid addiction crisis by calling for Congress to increase funding for addiction treatment. The president invited the addiction and recovery advocate to the presidential weekly address to talk from a personal standpoint about the seriousness of drug addiction … Continued

How Personal Empowerment Coaching Can Uncover the Authentic You

People in the grips of addiction often suffer from poor self-esteem and have a strong feeling of shame.  Oftentimes the need to numb these destructive feelings is a driving force behind their addiction, and when they make the decision to enter treatment, addressing the low self-worth and shame is key to a successful recovery journey. … Continued

How Can You Help Your Teen in Addiction Recovery?

When your teen is in recovery from either drug or alcohol addiction, your direct support is crucial to their long-term recovery. Support means helping and guiding your teen to make the changes needed to sustain their new, healthier lifestyle. It also means providing them with the proper environment when they return home from treatment. Oftentimes, … Continued

The Founding Fathers on Drugs and Alcohol

Thanks to the Broadway smash hit, Hamilton, the founding fathers have leapt from history books to pop culture.  The musical has dusted off the image of the men who helped shape the country, and while everything about these men’s lives did not make it into the show, the lyrics did allude to some of their … Continued