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6 Steps for Setting Boundaries with Someone in Recovery

When someone pursues recovery, your relationship with them can change for the better. By setting up boundaries early on and communicating your feelings effectively, you and your loved one can develop a mutual respect that tends to your needs just as much as their sobriety. Follow these 6 important steps from Addiction Recovery Coach Rick Lepkowski.

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What Does It Feel Like to Go Through Drug Withdrawal?

Drug and alcohol withdrawal is a painful and disruptive period of time, but there are ways to alleviate these difficult symptoms. By using pain management tools and healthy coping mechanisms, experiencing withdrawal can be more manageable.

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Detox vs. Rehab? Which is Right for You?

Although many use these terms interchangeably, detox and rehab each have their own purpose. While detox primarily focuses on addressing the physical effects that addiction has had on the body, rehab focuses more on the psychological effects.

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Addiction Treatment

The Most Common Reasons People Don’t Go to Treatment

Too many individuals do not seek treatment for their addiction. While some may be in denial that they have a problem, there are other factors that contribute to their decision to avoid rehab.
Drug Addiction

Is “Going Cold Turkey” Safe When You Are Struggling with Alcoholism?

Addicted people unwilling to go to a treatment center may decide to go cold turkey. Painful withdrawal symptoms make this an unadvisable and almost impossible feat. Learn what to do instead.

What to Do if Your Sponsor Relapses?

Sponsors offer support that can be instrumental to a person’s recovery, but they can relapse, too. Learn how to avoid feeling discouraged if this happens.

Healthy Habits Every Person in Recovery Should Have

Though everyone’s experience in recovery is different, there are several values and practices that are universally helpful. Learn more about enhancing your experiences in sobriety.
Drug Addiction

Can Addiction Be Cured?

Addiction is a chronic brain disease with no cure, but is treatment possible? Learn more about how this disease works.

Do’s and Don’ts for Hanging Out with Your Friend Who’s in Recovery

Hanging out with a friend who recently completed addiction treatment can be a sensitive matter. Decide how you can strengthen your friendship using these tips.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Early Recovery

Living a sober life free from addiction is empowering, but early recovery can be challenging. Here are tips to help you navigate your personal and professional life at the start of recovery.

5 Ways to Calm Down When Feeling Anxious

Anxiety disorders are incredibly prominent. Luckily, they can be managed. Learn how to treat your anxiety while strengthening your recovery.

How to Strengthen Your Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong process, and it is important that you are constantly working on ways to grow and strengthen your sobriety.

Essential Oils for Addiction Recovery

Alcoholism and drug addiction are often the result of self-medicating to cope with emotional or physical pain and discomfort. The use of essential oils is a simple and effective way to help maintain emotional balance, physical health, and vitality in recovery.
Drug Addiction

How to Safely Detox from Painkiller Addiction

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on the body. Learn what you can do to start the healing, break free from addiction, and regain control over your life.
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How to Forgive a Loved One in Addiction Recovery

Although it can be difficult to do, forgiveness in recovery is beneficial to both you and your loved one’s healing. Learn what steps you can take.