Service in Sobriety: Giving Back Forms Connections in Your Community

By Mountainside

There’s a reason why so many old timers say that being of service has helped them stay sober – and that’s because it’s true. Research shows that by helping others, you’re also helping yourself. Not only does volunteering help by reducing your stress levels, providing you with a greater sense of purpose, and improving your overall emotional health, but it also enables you to become a part of a positive and caring community – something we know is critical for long-term sobriety.

Volunteering is a meaningful and rewarding way to get reacclimated with your community. If you’re looking to connect with others and want to become a part of something great, something much larger than yourself, then being of service to others could be just what you need. There are countless opportunities to give back; all you have to do is find the cause you’re most passionate about or the one that best matches your skills. Below are some ideas to get you started.

God’s Love We Deliver

For many who are suffering from a serious illness, cooking a healthy meal can be an impossible task. Through God’s Love We Deliver, you can help provide individuals in need and their families with much needed nutritious meals as well as hope and compassion. Whether you volunteer to cook, package, or deliver meals, you will have a tremendous impact in someone’s life, all while becoming part of a tight-knit volunteer community.

Feeding America

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our communities. With over 41 million people unemployed nationwide, organizations like Feeding America are more crucial than ever. By helping to sort and deliver food, you can actively fight hunger in your community during this challenging time. Volunteering at a local homeless shelter or food kitchen is also a great way to give back.

Meals on Wheels

Seniors often feel alone, isolated from their communities. By volunteering with Meals on Wheels, you let them know that they are not. Every meal delivery and safety check you make provides a senior with the ability to continue to live independently in the community they call home and ensures that no one is left hungry or isolated. In certain areas, you may also have the opportunity to help seniors with tasks such as pet food delivery, home repair services, and transportation, further improving their quality of life.

Habitat for Humanity

Having a safe place to call home can completely transform someone’s life. Through Habitat for Humanity, you can play a role in ensuring that individuals in need get the safe and affordable housing they deserve. Whether you’re an expert with power tools who can help build and repair homes or you have unmatched customer service skills that you can use at Habitat for Humanity’s resell store, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is always a fun and rewarding experience.


Every summer, there is an increase in abandoned pets, often leading to overcrowded and understaffed animal shelters. By volunteering with the ASPCA or your local animal shelter, you could be saving an animal’s life. Whether you are feeding the animals, cleaning their enclosures, helping to socialize them, or assisting at adoption events, your time and effort can have a tremendous impact.

Now more than ever, feeling a sense of belonging within your community can make all the difference in your overall well-being. With many feeling isolated, it is also the perfect opportunity to spread positivity and hope to others by volunteering your time to a meaningful cause.

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