The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

By Mountainside

Do you have a friend or family member in recovery? Do you want to get them a gift that will not only show how much you support their decision to get clean and sober but also help them strengthen their recovery? Well, look no further! We asked the recovery community, from professionals to those in recovery themselves, what the perfect recovery gift would be and compiled their responses into this handy shopping guide.

Here are some recovery gift ideas that your loved one is sure to love:

Gifts of Positive Affirmation

Celebrating Sobriety Sweatshirt

Want to help your loved one celebrate their recovery in style? Get them a personalized sweatshirt! You can personalize this hoodie with your friend or family member’s sobriety date. Being in recovery is a milestone so consider buying them a gift that lets them be out, open, and proud of their achievement while rocking a comfy look.

You can find the featured sweatshirt here.

Sober AF Mug

Combine your loved one’s dedication to their recovery and their love of coffee with this fun Sober AF mug. This cheeky gift will let everyone around them know how proud your loved one is to be in recovery. After all, sobriety is something that should be embraced and celebrated — much like a good cup of Joe. If you want to make the gift extra special, you can customize it with your loved one’s sobriety date.

Check out the featured mug here.

Serenity Prayer Water Bottle

If your friend or family member follows a 12 Step program, then they are familiar with the serenity prayer – a mantra used to promote resilience and positivity. With this water bottle, you can help remind your loved one to “accept the things they cannot change, and change the things they can” throughout their day, helping to empower them in facing the challenges that lie ahead. A reusable water bottle is also an easy and convenient way to drink more water, which is essential to a healthy mind and body.

Like this idea? Find the featured water bottle here.

Recovery Jewelry

Are you looking for a stylish and meaningful gift that not only serves as a daily reminder of your loved one’s journey but also provides inspiration? If so, consider gifting them a necklace or bracelet engraved with a recovery message. This is a great, fashionable way for them to openly celebrate their recovery, and maybe even inspire others to seek help. There are many jewelry options available, but favorites in the community include this “One Day at A Time” bracelet with personalized sobriety date.

Find this cool featured bracelet here.

Gifts for Rest and Relaxation at Home

Board Games

It can sometimes be challenging for people who are new to recovery to find a new leisure activity to replace the one that can cause a potential relapse. Board games are a great way for your loved one to gather friends and family together (in person or on Zoom) and unwind.  If you want your gift to be extra special, schedule a regular game night, so they have a steady commitment to safe and sober fun to look forward to. After all, is there anything better than a night spent with loved ones, board games, and pizza?

Click to find our online-featured game as well as our offline featured game.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

More than just good hygiene, showers give us the opportunity to press pause on the world around us and feel refreshed. Something that can assist in achieving this feeling is aromatherapy shower steamers, the shower’s answer to bath bombs. The steam that this product produces will give your loved one a sense of mindfulness that would be very beneficial for someone in recovery.

Get pampered by purchasing the featured item here.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained popularity over recent years, and for good reason — they’re amazing! They help reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, boost mood, and relieve symptoms of PTSD (which is common among those in recovery). So, if you want to gift your loved one the equivalent of a big, warm, and comforting hug, look no further than a weighted blanket. Want to gift them a complete relaxation package? Throw in some fuzzy socks and a good book.

Take a look at the featured blanket here.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Taking care of your mental health is crucial for someone in recovery. One way you can lend a helping hand to your loved one is by sending them an oil diffuser. An essential oil diffuser is like mediation for the nose, filling your home with relaxing aromas so the user can feel at peace wherever they are. This gift comes with a timer setting so the gift recipient can sit back and relax without worrying about needing to turn it off.

You can find the featured oil diffuser here.

Gifts for Fitness and Self-Care

Yoga Mat

With 2020 showing us that you cannot take anything for granted, a yoga mat can guarantee you that you will always have a space to get your fitness on. No matter what your usual routine is, exercise is a great way to give your mental health a boost, especially for someone in recovery. The beauty of this gift is its versatility, which can help the recipient meet their fitness goals.

Get this featured yoga mat here.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

This might sound like an odd gift but hear us out. If a pandemic is not going to stop your loved one from walking their dog, why not help them multitask by giving them a workout? By replacing the leash handle with an elastic belt that can be worn around their waist, a hands-free dog leash allows the user to have a more enjoyable walk or run with their furry friend. Surprise your friend or family member with a gift that they can share with their four-legged friend.

Find this two-in-one featured gift here.

Acupressure Mat

Finding the time to unwind and decompress from the day’s stressors is critical for everyone, especially for individuals in recovery. With professional massages being put on hold, your loved one can benefit from your creative gift giving. An acupressure mat will address the parts of their body that carry the most stress. This item can give them a better night’s sleep and more energy for the next day. Consider sending them a gift that will stand out from the rest!

We recommend this one.

Bala Bangles

Know someone in recovery that loves to exercise? Help them step up their fitness game with Bala Bangles. Bala Bangles are resistance weights ranging from ½ pound to 2 pounds and come in a wide range of colors. This exercise equipment can be worn around your wrists or ankles while exercising or even doing household chores. The pandemic has turned our living spaces into our own personal gyms so buy your loved one the gift that will help them look and feel their best.

You can learn more about Bala Bangles here.

Gifts that Keep Coming

Fit Lifestyle Box

For a loved one that likes to build mental and physical strength through fitness, this is the box for them.  Each box comes chock full of energy-boosting snacks, sports drinks, a 30-day challenge, and an inspirational t-shirt. Boxes are tailored to gender and offered in three themes: Get Lean, Get Strong, and Stay Fit.

Find the featured wellness box here.


Give your loved one the gift of happiness every month with a Therabox subscription. Each of these self-care boxes includes one feel good, mood-boosting activity and six to eight wellness items to help reduce stress and promote happiness. The best part? The boxes are curated by therapists who are passionate about helping users form positive neural connections to build a happier life.

Click here for this featured self-care box.

Hygee Box

If you could put coziness and joy in a box, it would look like a Hygge Box subscription. This subscription box focuses on helping your loved one slow down, connect with others, and embrace the little things. There are two tiers, but both include hand-picked items from around the world, lights or candles, hot drinks, and indulgences such as biscuits or chocolate.

Subscribe to this Hygge box here.


While eating healthy plays a vital role in feeling your best, it is not always easy to cook a meal that is good for health and tastes delicious. Food subscription boxes have been a Covid friendly way to shop for good quality groceries since the pandemic began. Does that sound like a gift your loved one would like? We got the perfect service for you: HelloFresh. HelloFresh sends pre-measured ingredients along with nutrition facts so the recipient knows what they are putting into their body.

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