Sober Fun

Learning to enjoy life sober is important for recovery. Find out how you can incorporate sober fun into your life without risking your progress.

50 Things to Do Instead of Drinking

We put together a list of 50 things to do when you have urges to drink again so you can put your energy into healthy activities and sober fun.

Discovering Sober Fun: An Interview with Jimmy Hamm from the Clean Fun Network

Getting sober is much more than just giving up drugs and alcohol; it's about rebuilding a fulfilling and meaningful life. Fun is an essential part of it. Join us as we discuss sober fun with Jimmy Hamm, founder of Clean Fun Network.
Sober Fun

How to Throw the Ultimate Sober Super Bowl Party

Alcohol plays a big role in many Super Bowl festivities, but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the excitement because you’re sober. This year, join in on the fun by throwing your own sober Super Bowl party.

Sober Curious: The Trend That is Here to Stay

The way Americans view alcohol is changing, and the sober-curious movement is gaining momentum. Learn why more people are giving up alcohol.

Fun Sober Events You Can Attend This May

Summer is almost here and that means there are new opportunities bustling with sober fun. Check out what sober-friendly events are happening during the month of May 2019!

How to Have the Sober Getaway of Your Dreams

Getting sober is not a death sentence to your social life. It doesn't mean giving up fun and adventure. So, forget everything you have heard about how "sobriety is boring" and learn about the joys of sober travel.
Sober Fun

3 Sober Spring Break Trips You Will Actually Want to Go On

If you are a college student in recovery, spring break can be a particularly challenging time. Here are some tips on how to have an unforgetable spring break without risking your sobriety.

Vans Warped Tour’s Summer Lineup: Stopping Opioid Addiction

For its final tour, which starts in California on June 21st and ends in Florida on August 5th, Warped Tour’s goal is to not just entertain but also educate young attendees.

How to Have Sober Fun This Winter

For many people in recovery, winter can trigger the blues. Try these tips for having fun during the winter and avoiding relapse.

The Wharf Rats: Concert-Goers and Drug-Free Culture

Discover how the Wharf Rats are creating a safer space for music lovers in recovery who might have avoided concerts out of fear of endangering their sobriety.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sobriety and Social Life

Being sober and being social are not mutually exclusive, and easily go hand in hand. Discover five ways to maintain your recovery while having fun with friends.
Sober Fun

Why You Need Fun in Your Life

Sobriety does not have to mean monotony. Abstaining from harmful substances is not a death sentence to fun.