12 Step

12 Step is a set of principles to strengthen your sobriety and guide you through your recovery process. The program was created over 70 years ago as part of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and countless people now credit their sobriety to working the steps. Discover 12 Step programs designed for addiction recovery and the power of engaging in support networks to strengthen your self-confidence.

5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Phone apps are helpful tools used for a variety of purposes. Learn how they can also be used to record and strengthen a person’s recovery journey.

The Keys to Long-Term Recovery

The quality of a person's recovery journey is more meaningful than the length of time one spends in sobriety. Find out more.

What to Do if Your Sponsor Relapses?

Sponsors offer support that can be instrumental to a person's recovery, but they can relapse, too. Learn how to avoid feeling discouraged if this happens.