At Mountainside, we know the importance of community. And so, we provide you with a variety of ways to further your recovery, find support, and connect with others who share your desire to live a healthy, sober life. Our alumni are an important and celebrated part of the Mountainside family.

Dear Addiction, My Love

Saying goodbye is hard to do, even when you know you have to. Mountainside alum, Sanam M. is sharing a powerful letter he wrote to his old love – his addiction.

A Year of Step, Through My Eyes

While not everyone’s path to healing looks the same, for many, the journey to sobriety includes learning about the 12 Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). But could the steps also help someone who isn’t in recovery?

10 Podcasts For Recovery And Wellness

Mountainside alumni have curated a list of 10 podcasts on sobriety and wellness that you should know about for continuing your journey in recovery.

10 Books About Addiction and Recovery You Should Read

Our alumni told us the books that helped them in recovery; we compiled them into a list to help you find the one that will inspire you in your journey too.

Sober Social Networks

We know how important it is stay connected during recovery. This is why we offer multiple support groups, the alumni app, and more