Child Of Alcoholic

Educating yourself about addiction is an important step in recovery. Learn more about its effects and what you can do to achieve long-term sobriety.

How Are Children Impacted by Growing Up with Alcoholic Parents?

Having an alcoholic parent puts children at higher risk of developing addiction and mental health issues in the future; learn how to thrive in adulthood.
Drug Addiction

What Do I Do If My Parent Is Struggling with Addiction?

Coping with a mother or father who has an alcohol or drug problem can take a physical and emotional toll on your well-being. Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Alexandra Helfer, shares how to start prioritizing yourself to help your loved one.

Shia LeBeouf’s new movie “Honey Boy” hit close to home for this child of an alcoholic

Turns out I have a whole lot in common with Shia Lebeouf. Who would have thought?