Early Recovery

Once you are sober, the hard work doesn't end. Learn about how you can strengthen yourself in early recovery and fortify your future.

Dating in Early Recovery from a Relationship Expert

Typically, if you're sober, you're told not to date in early recovery. But having a tactful approach can help you form healthy relationships.

10 Books About Addiction and Recovery You Should Read

Our alumni told us the books that helped them in recovery; we compiled them into a list to help you find the one that will inspire you in your journey too.

Authentically Sober

How can you become the best version of yourself in sobriety? A recovery coach answers how to be honest with yourself and others in recovery.

How Does Alcohol Withdrawal Affect the Body?

You know you need to quit drinking, but you're worried about withdrawal symptoms. Learn what happens to your body here.

Own Your Sobriety: How to Date in Recovery

Jumping back into the dating scene may feel daunting to those in recovery. By owning sobriety and having confidence, everything else will follow.
Addiction Treatment

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment for You

Finding the right treatment program can be a challenging process, and because everyone’s treatment needs are different, knowing where to start isn’t always intuitive.

Quitting Alcohol? Here Is What to Expect

While everyone's battle against addiction is unique, there are certain things that everyone can expect and prepare for.

5 Things You Can Learn From Recovery

If there is one thing that recovery has taught us all is that people can change. That you can go from rock bottom to the best version of yourself. From being consumed by a drug to becoming a successful professional, a loving friend, and a caring family member.
Family Wellness

Why You Also Matter in Your Loved One's Recovery

Navigating a loved one’s battle with addiction can be complex. Use these self-care tips to help yourself cope while supporting your loved one’s recovery.

The New You: Making Good Decisions in Recovery

Recovery isn’t a destination but rather an ongoing journey. With a healthy mindset and tools for maintaining your sobriety, you are hopefully making better decisions than you previously did.

Addiction Recovery: How We Talk About Our Experience Matters

Your recovery story is important and can serve as an inspiration to others, but sharing it outside of a 12 Step meeting isn't always easy. Learn simple tips to help you feel more comfortable sharing your story with those outside of the recovery community.

3 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Those in recovery can be more sensitive to everyday stressors and may need help in coping with them. What is great is that there are apps available to help you relax and rewind.