Effects of Addiction

Addiction takes a toll on every aspect of your life. There is scientific evidence that addiction is a chronic but treatable disease that affects the brain, but the stigma surrounding addiction can make it treatment feel like unreachable. However, that is not the case. Treatment for addiction is available. Learn more about how addiction can affect your health, personality, behavior, and overall quality of life below.
Personal Stories

Stories of Transformation: Pat M.

Sobriety Date: 9/11/2001 Loving Husband and Father Grateful Dead Fan (Deadhead) AA and Wellness Advocate Pat struggled with substance abuse most of his early life trying to run from his […]
Family Wellness

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Addicted Parents: What to Do

Grandparents are stepping in to raise their grandchildren while the parent struggles with addiction. Learn how to navigate this situation so both you and your grandchild can thrive.

How to Tell if Someone is Drinking Too Much and How to Help

Learn the warning signs of alcoholism and what you can do to get your loved ones the help they need.