By giving people in our lives the benefit of the doubt, we may be overlooking or excusing signs of substance use disorder. Enabling happens when someone close to an addicted person allows for behavior to continue with expressing concern. It is important to not only encourage better wellness for a loved one, but help the loved one seek treatment.  
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Quiz: Are You Enabling Your Loved One's Addiction?

Knowing what to do to help your addicted loved one isn’t always easy. Find out if you are enabling their addiction or helping them get on track to recovery.
Drug Addiction

What to Do If Your Addicted Son/Daughter Asks You for Money

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Addiction: Enabling vs Helping

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5 Subtle Ways You Are Enabling Addiction

When family members are confronted with a loved one’s addiction, many prefer to ignore it or make excuses for the person. See if you are enabling addiction.
Drug Addiction

Signs You Are Enabling an Addiction

It’s hard to know what to do when a loved one is suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. See whether your family is offering misguided help and enabling your loved one’s addiction.