Gen Z

Known colloquially as Zoomers or to others, the iPhone generation, Generation Z is a generation of people born between 1997-2012. This demographic often partakes in social drug use such as vaping nicotine and marijuana products as well as using alcohol and opioids at higher rates since the pandemic. Nicotine use in this highly addicted generation has been dropping in recent years. Continue reading about how this technologically-advanced, diverse generation approaches substances.

The FDA and JUUL Labs Feud Over Vapes

The sordid relationship between the FDA and JUUL Labs has resulted in a slew of policies and press releases due to the rise of teen vaping.
Drug Addiction

How Can I Best Help My Addicted Parent?

Coping with a mother or father who has an alcohol or drug problem can take a physical and emotional toll on your well-being. See

Too Young to Die: Liver-Related Deaths From Heavy Drinking Among Young Adults

It only took three years of heavy drinking for Lance Juracka to die from alcohol-related liver disease. He was 36. Ian Whitcomb was just 30 when he was diagnosed with advanced-stage cirrhosis of the liver. Rachel Martin was 38 when doctors told her she could die within the month as a result of her drinking. […]