Individual Therapy

Addiction affects everyone differently. Discover how one-on-one therapy can help you address your addiction.
Addiction Treatment

The Difference Between Group and Individual Therapy

Group therapy and individual therapy are both valuable in addiction treatment. Discover the benefits of each type of counseling method.
Addiction Treatment

Art Therapy As Part of Addiction Treatment

Art therapy is an effective but often misunderstood form of addiction treatment. Learn to separate the myths about this wellness practice from the facts.
Mental Health

Client Empowerment: Taking Charge of Addiction Treatment

So what is client empowerment? It is a process that allows people to gain control over their own lives and increases their ability to act on issues they feel are important to their healthcare.
Addiction Treatment

Top Questions People Have About Addiction Treatment

If you and your loved ones have never been through this process before, then the whole experience can seem intimidating or even scary. Before you begin to panic and put off going to treatment for your addiction altogether, we have answers to some of the most common questions individuals struggling with addiction ask.