Music and addiction have a long history together.  Clubbing and concerts are two sources of both substances and music. Many famous musicians have well-known addictions, and some are outspoken about these issues, such as Demi Lovato, Soko, and Steven Tyler. Learn more about the impact that the music industry has on individuals and their substance use.
Sober Fun

Recovery Rocks: Sober Music Festivals and Concerts

For those in early recovery, attending a concert can be triggering. Find out the best ways of staying sober at music festivals.
Drug Addiction

Busted: Debunking The Myth That Drugs Enhance Musical Creativity

Debunking the long-running notion in popular culture that the use of drugs fosters creativity, notably amongst musicians.
Drug Addiction

Drugs Headline Music Festivals Across the Country

Substance abuse has caused many overdoses at music festivals. Learn more about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and why we should stop singing their praises.