Your nutrition affects your recovery. Learn what kind of dietary habits you should adopt to safeguard your sobriety.

How to Eat Healthy in Recovery

Figure out the recovery diet, meal plan, and strategies that will help your body and mind heal after drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Nutrition & Addiction: Tips for Recovery

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on the body. This is how nutrition can help you recover.
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What are the top nutritional tips for those in early recovery?

Nutrition plays an important role in healing the body. In this short video, Joyce Faraj, PhD, nutritionist at Mountainside, provides important tips to help you strengthen your recovery.

Best Foods to Eat When Recovering from Addiction

Nurturing physical well-being is crucial for people recovering from addiction. Discover the role of nutrition in recovery and which foods are most recommended.

5 Ways Gardening Can Help Your Recovery

Gardening is a powerful tool for recovery from addiction. Learn how it encourages mindfulness and provides other benefits.

Managing a Healthy Diet and a Busy Life

Everyone knows how hard it can be to maintain a healthy diet, especially if you keep an active lifestyle filled with a demanding work schedule, spending time out with friends, and engaging in classes or activities to help with your recovery.

Should You Really Drop Sugar from Your Diet?

Before you began your recovery, you may have used drugs or alcohol to medicate your feelings. Now that you’re sober, have you been self-medicating with sugar? And if so, is it really all that bad for you? It depends.