Personal Empowerment

Discover personal empowerment and why you should incorporate wellness practices into your routine for a healthier you.

5 Ways to Be Happier

How do we outsmart our biology? Use the following suggestions to help replace negativity and begin sowing the seeds of happiness in your life.

The Wharf Rats: Concert-Goers and Drug-Free Culture

Discover how the Wharf Rats are creating a safer space for music lovers in recovery who might have avoided concerts out of fear of endangering their sobriety.
Mental Health

The Stress Loop

For those in recovery, stress can build easily. Use these suggestions for managing The Stress Loop so you can lead the sober and healthy life you deserve.

Holistic Healing: Experiencing the Adventure of Change

Learn how Adventure-Based Counseling can complement traditional addiction treatment and increase your chances of a lasting recovery.

Jason Arsenault: Life After Addiction

I never imaged that treatment would have such a tremendous impact on me, and I definitely didn’t think that I would be back at Mountainside as a Recovery Coach.

Learning Tolerance for a Better Recovery

People in recovery are often advised to grow by embracing what makes them uncomfortable. Discover methods that promote patience, tranquility and self-awareness.
Mental Health

Client Empowerment: Taking Charge of Addiction Treatment

So what is client empowerment? It is a process that allows people to gain control over their own lives and increases their ability to act on issues they feel are important to their healthcare.

The Healthy Habits Every Person in Recovery Should Have

Though everyone's experience in recovery is different, there are several values and practices that are universally helpful. Learn more about enhancing your experiences in sobriety.
Family Wellness

Battling Addiction With Personal Empowerment

People in the grips of addiction often suffer from poor self-esteem and have a strong feeling of shame. Here are techniques for coping with negative emotions.

Addiction Recovery and Personal Empowerment

We often abuse ourselves for the “bad” things that we do, and we are our own biggest critics. We waste a lot of energy on self-hate when we could be using it to bring positivity, light, and love into our lives.