Personal Stories

Read stories from individuals who have struggled with drugs and alcohol and get an honest look at the effects of addiction.

The Keys to Long-Term Recovery

The quality of a person's recovery journey is more meaningful than the length of time one spends in sobriety. Find out more.

Addiction Recovery: How We Talk About Our Experience Matters

Your recovery story is important and can serve as an inspiration to others, but sharing it outside of a 12 Step meeting isn't always easy. Learn simple tips to help you feel more comfortable sharing your story with those outside of the recovery community.

Addiction Recovery and Personal Empowerment

We often abuse ourselves for the “bad” things that we do, and we are our own biggest critics. We waste a lot of energy on self-hate when we could be using it to bring positivity, light, and love into our lives.
Family Wellness

From Humans of New York: Addiction, a Family Disease

Addiction is a disease that impacts not only the person using, but their entire family. Read the account of one family member to learn more about this dynamic.