Discover the various available resources that can help you strengthen your recovery and heal.

Don’t Gamble with Addiction: Build a Support Network through SMART Recovery

While many find success in 12 Step based support groups, there are alternatives for those who prefer a more science-based approach. SMART Recovery is one of those options.
Family Wellness

What to Expect at a Nar-Anon Meeting

While your loved one works on getting healthy, it is important that you work on your own recovery as well.
Addiction Treatment

How to Avoid Rehab Scams: Red Flags to Look Out For

Learn how to tell the difference between addiction treatment centers dedicated to making a positive impact and untrustworthy rehabs focused on profits alone.
Family Wellness

How can I help my wife and her family with her father’s opioid addiction?

Drug addiction impacts those struggling with it and their families. Discover how to support a family member struggling with opioid abuse.
Addiction Treatment

Overcoming Challenges in Early Recovery

Early recovery can be even more challenging when major life changes occur at work or at home. Learn how to deal with grief without risking sobriety.
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What is Recovery Coaching?

Learn more about Recovery Coaching, a rehab program designed to provide support through a coach who acts as a mentor, peer, and cheerleader.

Drinking to Get Drunk

Binge drinking is very popular on college campuses. Find out why people drink to get drunk and how to build healthy habits in college.

The Wharf Rats: Concert-Goers and Drug-Free Culture

Discover how the Wharf Rats are creating a safer space for music lovers in recovery who might have avoided concerts out of fear of endangering their sobriety.

5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Phone apps are helpful tools used for a variety of purposes. Learn how they can also be used to record and strengthen a person’s recovery journey.
Family Wellness

10 Things To Expect From a Nar-Anon Meeting

If you are a family member or friend of someone dealing with addiction, take solace in Nar-Anon support groups designed to address any concerns about their use.

Sober Social Networks

Those new to sobriety need encouragement. Recovery groups and sober support networks connect those in addiction treatment to the outside world, helping them meet like-minded people.

3 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Those in recovery can be more sensitive to everyday stressors and may need help in coping with them. What is great is that there are apps available to help you relax and rewind.