Self Care

Self-care incorporates mindfulness, mental health, and wellness into your routine. Learn how incorporating self-care into daily schedules can help you lead a healthier, happier life.

Guide to Staying Sober in the New School Year

Going back to school offers so many new exciting and fun opportunities, but it also offers challenges. 
Sober Fun

The Wharf Rats: Concert-Goers and Drug-Free Culture

Discover how the Wharf Rats are creating a safer space for music lovers in recovery who might have avoided concerts out of fear of endangering their sobriety.

Why You Need Fun in Your Life

Sobriety does not have to mean monotony. Abstaining from harmful substances is not a death sentence to fun.

How Relationships Can Help Sustain Lifelong Recovery

“Never make the addict feel alone,” Hari advocates. Let them know that there is support whenever they are ready. Love them no matter what.”

Why You Also Matter in Your Loved One's Recovery

Navigating a loved one’s battle with addiction can be complex. Use these self-care tips to help yourself cope while supporting your loved one’s recovery.

5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Phone apps are helpful tools used for a variety of purposes. Learn how they can also be used to record and strengthen a person’s recovery journey.
Family Wellness

10 Things To Expect From a Nar-Anon Meeting

If you are a family member or friend of someone dealing with addiction, take solace in Nar-Anon support groups designed to address any concerns about their use.
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Traveling While Sober: What You Need to Know

Some fear that traveling will trigger a relapse. Learn how to enrich your recovery by planning a relaxing, sober vacation.

Could Social Media Be Hurting Your Recovery?

Social media is supposed to connect us to the world, but for some people, particularly those in recovery, social media can be dangerous.

Learning Tolerance for a Better Recovery

People in recovery are often advised to grow by embracing what makes them uncomfortable. Discover methods that promote patience, tranquility and self-awareness.

Real Talk on Managing Relationships Without Relapsing

Navigating personal relationships can be difficult for people in recovery, especially those in early recovery.  In this short video, Jessica Dolan shares how she spends time with family and friends who may not be in recovery and how she has fun without risking relapse.
Sober Fun

5 Ways to Say No to Relapse Without Saying No to Fun

Spring is here! As we come out of hibernation, we realize that warmer weather comes with some challenges. And if you are in recovery, socializing during warmer months might be challenging.