Self Care

Self-care incorporates mindfulness, mental health, and wellness into your routine. Learn how incorporating self-care into daily schedules can help you lead a healthier, happier life.

What to Do When Your Partner Has a Substance Abuse Issue

When someone in the relationship is using substances, this can be very disruptive. Learn how to best support the person in need and yourself

How to Develop Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Dating in early sobriety is not advised. Find out what it takes to develop healthy relationships in recovery.

How Friendships Impact Your Life

Just because your friend does something stupid, it doesn’t mean you should do it too. But the truth is you’re more likely to.
Mental Health

Client Empowerment: Taking Charge of Addiction Treatment

Client empowerment allows people to gain control over their own lives and increases their ability to act on issues they feel are important to their healthcare.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety

When you become sober, there is no shortage of opinions on how you can strengthen your recovery. Therapists, family, friends, sponsors – everyone has their own idea of what will work for you.

Somatic Writing: Writing from the Heart

Let the mindful practice of somatic writing inspire you to get in touch with your inner self, unleash your creative side, and strengthen your recovery.

Top 5 Goals for Improving Mental Health in the New Year

New Year’s is the perfect time to set goals that strengthen your mental and physical health. Explore these tips to have sober fun during the upcoming year.
Family Wellness

Four Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for those new to recovery. Learn four simple tips to help you safeguard your sobriety and help you have a safe and happy holiday.

What to Do When You Miss Your Addiction

At a certain point in recovery, a person may feel distanced enough from addiction that they begin to romanticize past substance abuse habits. Use these tips to avoid relapse.

5 Ways to Calm Down When Feeling Anxious

Anxiety disorders are incredibly prominent. Luckily, they can be managed. Learn how to treat your anxiety while strengthening your recovery.

Managing a Healthy Diet and a Busy Life

If you're always on the go, maintaining a healthy diet may be the last of your worries. Find out how to prioritize recovery and your nutrition together.

Addiction Recovery: How We Talk About Our Experience Matters

Your recovery story is important and can serve as an inspiration to others, but sharing it outside of a 12 Step meeting isn't always easy. Learn simple tips to help you feel more comfortable sharing your story with those outside of the recovery community.