Social Media

Social media influences nearly every aspect of our life. Learn about the impact it can have on addiction and how it can be used to support recovery.

A New App Is Teaching People How to Talk About Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Watching a loved one struggle with alcoholism is difficult but speaking with them about it can be just as tough. Learn how an app is making this talk easier.
Drug Addiction

One-Third of Millennials Are Using Venmo to Buy Drugs

Drug deals do not just happen in dark alleys. Learn how mobile apps like Venmo are unintentionally enabling drug purchases.

5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Phone apps are helpful tools used for a variety of purposes. Learn how they can also be used to record and strengthen a person’s recovery journey.

Could Social Media Be Hurting Your Recovery?

Social media is supposed to connect us to the world, but for some people, particularly those in recovery, social media can be dangerous.
Drug Addiction

Is Instagram a Gateway to Drugs?

Young people are increasingly finding illicit drugs through dealers on Instagram. Learn about the dangers of the app and how to encourage youth to avoid substance abuse.

3 Apps for Addiction Recovery

Maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is an important part of recovery that can often be overwhelming. These apps encourage and track healthy habits.

Sober Social Networks

Those new to sobriety need encouragement. Recovery groups and sober support networks connect those in addiction treatment to the outside world, helping them meet like-minded people.

3 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

Those in recovery can be more sensitive to everyday stressors and may need help in coping with them. What is great is that there are apps available to help you relax and rewind.
Drug Addiction

Apps to Help Strengthen Your Recovery

Since technology is part of every aspect of our lives these days, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few apps created especially for people in recovery.