The stigma surrounding addiction is undeniable. Educate yourself about the disease of addiction and what you can do to break down the stigma.
Drug Addiction

5 Myths About Addiction

There are many misconceptions and generalizations about addiction. Learn about myths impacting public perceptions of the disease and why they are untrue.
Drug Addiction

Drug Overdoses and the 911 Good Samaritan Law

In the case of a drug overdose, as with many medical emergencies, a matter of minutes can make all the difference between life and death. Yet, many people delay calling 911, or sometimes don’t call at all. And it’s not just drug dealers or complete strangers who are hesitating to call ⎼ it is parents, friends, loved ones. It is the individual overdosing. Not because they don’t care, but because they’re afraid of the repercussions.

How to Ask for Help When You Relapse

People in recovery who feel they are experiencing relapse need outside support to cope with their emotions. Learn how to ask for help during this tough time.

How to Deal with the Stigma of Addiction

Feeling ashamed about one’s drug and alcohol addiction is common, but it shouldn’t be. Learn how to remain positive and confident in spite of the stigma.

How do I explain an employment gap in my resume due to my drug addiction?

Knowing how to address employment gaps due to addiction can be confusing. Learn how to reenter the interviewing process with confidence.
Addiction Treatment

3 Reasons People Don't Go to Treatment

People suffering from a substance abuse disorder have varied reasons for avoiding treatment, but the most significant factors are denial, fear, and shame.

Should I mention my recovery at work and possibly encourage others who might be secretly struggling with an addiction? Or should I keep it to myself?

As a therapist and facilitator who works with both clients and family members in recovery, I find that each person has to determine what — and to whom — they are comfortable communicating.
Drug Addiction

What the New Surgeon General Report Means for Addiction

The latest Surgeon General Report from Dr. Murthy highlights how frequently substance use disorders and opioid overdoses occur. Here are his recommendations for fighting addiction.

Know Your Recovery Rights

People in recovery may fear discrimination in their search for housing or jobs. Learn more about the laws and protections in place for individuals recovering from addiction.
Addiction Treatment

The Most Common Reasons People Don't Go to Treatment

Too many individuals do not seek treatment for their addiction. While some may be in denial that they have a problem, there are other factors that contribute to their decision to avoid rehab.
Addiction Treatment

Can Addiction Be Cured?

Though many consider addiction to be voluntary, it is a chronic brain disease with no cure, but it can be treated. Learn more about how the disease works and how you can manage it in the long term.
Drug Addiction

5 Common Misconceptions About Addiction

Not all addicted individuals fit the stereotypes about how drug and alcohol users look and behave. Here we separate the facts about addiction from myths.