Stress is a serious trigger for those who struggle with addiction. Learn about healthy coping mechanisms and ways you can manage.
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How to Manage Holiday Stress

Are the holidays stressing you out? You are not the only one. From gift-giving to meal prep and everything in between, feeling overwhelmed is natural. However, this does not have […]
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Are the Elections Causing You Anxiety? Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

Nearly 70 percent of adults claim that the upcoming elections are a major source of stress and anxiety. If you are one of them, try these four tips to help you stay calm during these uncertain times.
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Going Back to Work in a Pandemic: Tips on How to Adjust

The anxiety of returning to work in the midst of a pandemic can be overwhelming. Here's how to manage back-to-work stress after working from home.
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The Effects of Stress on the Body

While experiencing stress is normal, too much stress can have a detrimental effect on your health. Learn how stress can impact your physical and emotional health.
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How to Tackle Your Coronavirus-Related Anxiety

As the coronavirus spreads, so does the anxiety and stress that people feel. Learn how you can better manage your fears and safeguard your sobriety.
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Stressed and Sober: How to Cope

Coping with stress can be difficult for those in recovery. In this article, licensed clinician, Daniel Sexton, shares his tips for safeguarding your sobriety by managing stress levels.
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10 Unexpected Ways to Reduce Stress Right Now

Listening to music, taking a walk, and journaling are the obvious methods. Here are a few ways to relax you may not have tried yet.
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This Holiday Season, Say Goodbye to Stress

Whether you are trying to safeguard your sobriety or enjoy the holidays, creating a healthy balance is important. Here are tips to help you have a stress-free holiday.
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De-stress Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, and tense? Find out how you can say goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation — based on your personality.
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Bad Habits to Avoid for Better Mental Health

Despite your best efforts, you may have established some seemingly harmless habits that are actually negatively impacting your mental health. Learn what they are and how you can kick those habits to the curb.
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When Disaster Strikes: How to Prevent Natural Disasters from Triggering a Relapse

Natural disasters can induce anxiety in general, but they are especially destructive to those recovering from addiction. Avoid relapse using these tips.

Lower Your Stress Through Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation

Discover the benefits of Himalayan singing bowl meditation, how it encourages mindfulness, and why it can be useful for people in recovery.