People, environments, events, emotions – there are many things that can trigger a relapse. Discover what your triggers are and how you can cope.

The 10 Stages of Relapse

Contrary to popular belief, relapse does not happen at random. Learn the ten stages of a relapse so you can seek help before a relapse occurs.

10 Relapse Triggers You Need to Know

You've worked hard for your sobriety. Now it's time to protect it. Learn common relapse triggers and what you can do to safeguard your recovery.

How to Enjoy Summer and Protect Your Sobriety

Long, warm days make the summer months perfect for exciting parties. For people who are in early addiction recovery, this time of the year can be tricky to navigate, as alcohol is the beverage of choice at most parties and celebrations.

Valentine's Day: A Time of Depression for Many People in Recovery

Valentine's day can often bring on feelings of loneliness and depression. For those in recovery, these can be triggering and lead to a relapse. Protect yourself against the valentine's day blues, and learn how to strenghten your recovery.