Expanding Your Horizons from the Comfort of Your Home

While we can happily say goodbye to 2020, some parts of that tumultuous year (like quarantining) have followed us into 2021. Just because the places that we can physically travel to may be restricted to the square footage of our homes does not mean that we are stuck. If you are in recovery, discovering a new activity that you enjoy can improve your self-esteem and promote a positive image of yourself, something that is crucial to being successful in sobriety. There are still plenty of ways to expand your horizons, from taking an academic course offered by universities around the world to learning how to cook from Michelin star chefs. Not sure where to start? Here are five platforms that we recommend you try:


With over 15,000 free courses, Coursera will help you rid yourself of feeling intellectually stagnant. Looking to improve your emotional IQ to be better prepared for life’s anxiety-filled moments? Enroll in “Managing Emotions in Times of Stress and Uncertainty” from Yale University. Love history? Learn about the indigenous history of Canada in a course offered by the University of Alberta. From becoming more worldly to learning vital life skills, Coursera has a bunch of exciting classes for you to take.

The Phoenix

Like clockwork, the New Year inspires people to make resolutions; a common one is to be healthier. It may seem hard to get into shape without going to a gym, but The Phoenix makes it easy! A fitness application for those in recovery whose membership fee is to be sober for two consecutive days. To keep yourself safe from COVID-19, The Phoenix offers live-streaming classes as well as ones on demand. Whether it is to bulk up or improve your cardio, this sober fitness community will help you become fitter and healthier in 2021.


While you may feel cooped up right now, the opportunities to learn new skills or improve upon old ones are limitless. That’s where Skillshare fits in. They offer interactive classes on various subjects, with some examples being interior design and Adobe Photoshop. Their free subscription gives you the opportunity to take over 27,000 classes. Explore your options to see how you can make your New Year’s resolutions come true!


Want to learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsey or improve your ball game with the help of Stephen Curry? Then MasterClass is for you. With MasterClass, your teacher is the gold standard of their field. From Michelin star chefs to superstar athletes and much more, you can develop a wide range of skills as you look to be the best version of yourself. Our suggestion? Take a cooking class. Even though you can order out from your favorite restaurant, the dining-in experience that comes with having a great meal is currently harder to come by. Instead of enjoying those types of meals in takeout containers, become the chef and make some of your favorite dishes yourself.


If investing in yourself means becoming the best version of yourself, learning a new language is a great way to do that. Known to improve decision-making and sharpen the mind, adding to your linguistic repertoire can be a real game-changer. Duolingo is a free application that uses hands-on exercises to help you learn a new language. Whether you want to “habla español” (speak Spanish) or impress the Game of Thrones’ fans in your life by becoming fluent in High Valyrian, this service is perfect for you. You can choose from over 30 languages to master, so why not begin your path to becoming multilingual today?

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